Organic, orgasmic, orgadesign!
30 01

What is organic design? This phrase certainly will not find on Wikipedia, so it is open to varying interpretations. Like each of the words that comprise the term, it could describe a range of things, depending on who you are talking to.
In a more literal sense, MODERN ORGANIC, elicits images of modern furnishings and materials that refer to or are combined with elements of nature. Sculptural natural wood furniture with live edges, earthy materials and textures, and... více

Heimtextil - future textile habitat
22 01

People increasingly design their living environments to match the stage of life they are in as well as to meet their situational needs and attitudes. Where to inspire? Heimtextil (held 8.-11.1.2014) is the biggest international trade fair for home and contract textiles and the global benchmark for quality design textiles of innovative functionality in Frankfurt. Trends are traditionally presented six months before the event and indicate the current trend of home textiles for the next 18... více

Let your wall paper kick ass!
07 01

Watercolour is a great way to express your feelings. And yet, do not let yourself be bound by its traditional form! Black Crow Studios ( accomplishes this exactly and moved wallpaper into the sphere of art.

A firework display of colours, asymmetric jets, cobalt–blue coloured drops and energetic splashes of colour. Watercolours - a collection where playfulness and creativity are very much in focus. They... více