What is organic design? This phrase certainly will not find on Wikipedia, so it is open to varying interpretations. Like each of the words that comprise the term, it could describe a range of things, depending on who you are talking to.
In a more literal sense, MODERN ORGANIC, elicits images of modern furnishings and materials that refer to or are combined with elements of nature. Sculptural natural wood furniture with live edges, earthy materials and textures, and patterns inspired by the plant and animal world serve to soften and balance the often cool demeanor of a purely modern style.

In a more abstract interpretation, MODERN ECOLOGICAL describes not only a look or style, but a design philosophy or approach. This approach draws organically, according to a project’s requirements, upon a variety of styles and sources, combining these thoughtful selections in an artful, cohesive, and functional way that is fresh and alive today. The result is an eclectic, interesting, modern and beautiful space that is sensitive to, enriches and supports its occupants.
For instance, modern organic interiors can incorporate elements of, or even be largely derived from classic styles, but can be called “modern” because they feel current due to a new interpretation or juxtaposition of old and new elements, reflecting an organic growth or evolution of style. In the picture no. 2, the furnishings are all classic but the eclectic arrangement, fresh upholstery, and juxtaposition of casual and formal, old and new, make this room stylish and engaging. Modern organic style can be pure and serene (picture no. 3) or vibrant and joyful (picture no. 4).

As opposed to strictly spare, cool, high-tech and polished modern interiors, modern organic describes an eclectic style that combines the clean simplicity of modern furnishings with more ornate, feminine shapes and/or organic materials and textures. The simple white lacquer table and retro-modern chairs create an interesting dynamic with the traditional architecture, feminine chandelier, and accents (picture no. 5)

Certainly, the word ORGANIC also connotes simplicity, health, and nature. Choosing interior finishes and furniture that respect the environment, are non-toxic, and that will be valued and used for years to come is an important principle of modern organic design.